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E-drawing,  like a drawing

E-drawing (EASM fil), som en 3D fil

Why employ a designer when you can rent one!

Many smaller companies have only need of a designer from time to time, not continuously. Then it may be a better alternative to hiring a consultant per hour instead of having permanent staff.

Mjtech AB is a consultancy company with extensive experience in engineering activities. Technical consultancy with emphasis on the design of plastic, rubber and sheet metal. Project management services. Approximately 20 years experience of design using Catia both surface and solid modeling. Suppliers to the automotive industry is prioritised customers. Long experience as resident engineer for a number of foreign customers, with operations in Sweden. Designing in plastic and rubber has become a specialty.

Since 2003 we have successfully used SolidWorks. The job can be carried out on Mjtech or out of the customer. A common scenario is that we come to you to define the mission and complete it on Mjtech. We have laptops, which means that the job can be performed anywhere. Equipped for visualization using e-drawing or printed pictures. E-drawing is an opportunity to obtain 3D models and drawings sent by email where you in your own computer can twist and turn, analyze and comment. The software for this is free, a "lite program" specifically for communication in SolidWorks. We can also provide rapid prototypes as we have long experience using the different technics and have  lot of contacts with rapid prototype companies.

Complete design department at your service!

We have the competence, experience and tools necessary to be your engineering department. We look to smaller companies that do not want to risk hiring a designer or do not want to sign a consultant contract with a relatively long period of notice. Mjtechs skills can be made per hour, but long-termination agreement. Flexibility is our motto.

How is it possible?  --  We already have assignments that meet our security. We offer our services to complement existing activities.